The Office star Rainn Wilson accidentally tried cocaine when he was waiting tables as a struggling actor in New York City - after a patron gave him a bag of the drug to pay for a meal.
The Office star was working in New York City's grungy East Village before he made it big in Hollywood - and one customer left a baggie of white powder on the table to thank him for his service.
He remembers, "I worked at this crazy place - this is a totally true story - called Pheobe's Wine and Dine on the Bowery. It was a bar that served crazy actors doing Off-Off Broadway plays, and cops, and the Chinese mafia.
"It was open to 4am and one time I got tipped with a little baggie with some little white powder in it - for real."
Wilson insists he was too naive to know what the substance was - until he tried the drug and "stayed up for three days".