The writers and crew of hit U.S. sitcom The Office were left stunned when the cast returned for duty after the Hollywood writer's strike - Angela Kinsey was pregnant.
The actress, who plays awkward Angela Martin on the show, fell pregnant in September (08) and kept the news from most of her colleagues until she returned to the set last month (Mar08).
But she'll be hiding her bump on the show, which starts airing again on Thursday (10Apr08).
She says, "We decided to hide it because it would just be so weird for my character to be humongous pregnant overnight (sic)... because we're picking up right where we left off.
"I have this purse that she's (character) got really militant about - like carries it around everywhere. So far so good."
Kinsey, 36, and her husband Warren Lieberstein are expecting their first child in May (08).