The Office creator and star Ricky Gervais is lost for ideas on how to spend his newfound wealth.

The Reading, England-born actor , 42, who plays slimy David Brent in the now-defunct hit comedy, has turned down heaps of TV and film offers because he thinks he earns too much money already.

Gervais says, "I earn more cash than I've ever dreamt of. I really haven't changed my spending habits too much, but we have a much nicer house.

"I don't drive so I haven't bought a flash car. I don't smoke, take drugs, gamble or take risks with shares.

"With this much money it's pretty hard to fritter it away, especially when your habits are the odd pint with your friends and a takeaway pizza."

Gervais is set to net millions of dollars after American TV network NBC picked up the rights to the BBC show, following The Office's shock win at last month's (JAN04) Golden GlobeS.

Gervais adds, "I've had millions of adverts offered to me. One was six figures. The money is ridiculous. Who needs three houses?"

04/02/2004 17:31