With the festive season fast approaching, sexy and full lips have never been more desirable and a kissable pout is something every woman should be wearing to The Office party.

Some of the sexiest women of all-time, from Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie to Scarlett Johnasson to Kim Kardashian, have much-envied lips and one of the best tips is to use a good lip balm to keep your mouth in good shape and in the best condition.

TV make-up artist Laura Jane Brown said: "A lip balm, such as Softlips is ideal for chapped lips, as Softlips special formulations will help shield your lips from everyday dryness, restore your lips' natural moisture and keep them velvety soft and supple. In addition, Softlips has the added benefit of SPF 20 protection.

"Compared to the rest of our skin our lips have much less melanin, which is the pigment that helps protect skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. Our lips are exposed to the sun at all times when we are out and about, so it is vital to use a good SPF to help protect the much more delicate skin on our lips from harmful UV rays."

In order to get the plumped-up look, apply a slightly lighter tone of concealer or highlighter to the outer edge of the lip line, while for more full-looking lips, apply your favourite lip colour and then draw a line through the centre of the lips with a clear lip balm.