The OC actor Peter Gallagher is launching a soul album after his singing on the hit TV show grabbed the attention of record bosses.

Gallagher, who plays SANDY COHEN in the teen drama, was signed by Epic Records after performing DON'T GIVE UP ON ME during an episode of The OC's second series.

And Gallagher insists he should be taken seriously as a singer because he has worked on his own music for as long as he has been an actor.

He says, "I know for a fact that there will be people who won't take my music seriously because I'm an actor on a TV show.

"But while I'm a newcomer to the recording business I've been singing my whole professional life and have put together some great songs so hopefully there will be some people out there who will enjoy them.

"Plus, there is no response in the world that could lessen the really wonderful experience I had singing these songs with these amazing musicians."