The OC beauty Rachel Bilson has slammed girls who pose semi-nude for men's magazines, insisting only her boyfriend Adam Brody sees her naked. Bilson is constantly approached to pose in skimpy underwear for the saucy publications, but always refuses because it's not fair on her co-star lover. But Bilson was happy to film an intimate scene with Zach Braff for new movie The Last Kiss - because it was tastefully done. She says, "Nudity's always a consideration when you're reading a script, and when I got to the bit where it said, 'He takes down her panties,' I kind of blushed. "But it's all beautifully done. It's not like I'm flashing my privates all over the place. Men's magazines are always wanting you to pose in really skimpy stuff. "I think your body is sacred and it's there to share with a loved one. It's not for the whole world to see."