The OC star Rachel Bilson has pinpointed her terrifying car crash accident where she was unconscious for two days after "hanging out with people she shouldn't have" as the moment she became a better person. The American beauty had the accident when she was 16 after hanging out with her brother's friends. The head-on collision, which left one guy paralysed and Bilson unconscious, forced the-then troubled star to give up her destructive ways. Bilson, who still bears scar marks from the day, says of her wild ways, "I had a few years from the age of 14 till about 16 when I was hanging out with people I probably shouldn't have been hanging out with, pretending to drink beer and acting cool. They were older than me, my brother's friends, so I can blame him. "Then one day, we all got into a car accident. It was a head on collision and everyone ended up in hospital. One guy was paralysed and I was unconscious for a day or two. "That accident changed me. It made me go in a different direction to the self destructive route. I still have scars under my hairline and I get headaches from time to time and my memory is not so good. "But it woke me up and stopped me going down that road."