The OC beauty Mischa Barton was well prepared for her role in the high society teen drama by her early introduction to Hollywood at the age of 11.

The 18-year-old actress was cast in John Duigan's acclaimed movie LAWN DOGS in 1997 and her performance was likened to that of Jodie Foster in TAXI DRIVER by film critics.

Barton recalls she wasn't allowed to watch the premiere of the movie, despite attending, because its rating was too high. Her mother took her for ice cream instead.

She says, "They were so strict but I was fine, I love ice cream. Actually, my mom was very cool about the maturity of the work I've done. I was doing racy stuff at a pretty young age.

"And she saw the pitfalls of the industry straight away while I had no idea. It's so easy to be manipulated."

19/11/2004 19:28