The judge presiding over the Notorious BIG wrongful-death trial in Los Angeles will consider a request for a mistrial and sanctions against the Californian city.

The family of Notorious - real name CHRISTOPHER WALLACE - are suing the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the city for wrongful death, and identify an ex-LAPD officer named David A Mack as an alleged mastermind of the shooting.

The Wallaces' lawyer Perry Sanders revealed last month (24JUN05) that the LAPD withheld evidence from an informant claiming Mack and another former officer RAFAEL PEREZ confessed to two prison inmates that they had murdered Notorious as he sat outside a post-Soul Train Music Awards party in LA on 9 March 1997.

Judge FLORENCE-MARIE COOPER yesterday (05JUL05) dismissed the police officer's claim that he had previously forgotten about his interview with the prison informant, saying his explanation "defies credulity. I do not believe it".

She continued, "It certainly looks to the court, at first blush, that this was a deliberate concealment of information. Some sanction at this stage appears very appropriate."

Defence lawyer VINCENT MARELLA denied his clients, the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles, had made a conscious effort to hide evidence.

Cooper is expected to rule on Sanders' request for a retrial tomorrow (07JUL05). The jury have not attended court since 24 June (05).

06/07/2005 01:45