LATEST: The Los Angeles City Council have approved a $1.1 million (GBP647,000) payout to the family of late rapper Notorious BIG, following the botched police investigation into his 1997 murder. The ONE MORE CHANCE hitmaker was shot dead while sitting in a car outside a post-Soul Train Music Awards party in Los Angeles on 9 March 1997. He was 24. The family of the hip-hop star - real name CHRISTOPHER WALLACE - sued the Los Angeles Police Department last summer (05), alleging rogue police officer David A Mack, a convicted bank robber, orchestrated Wallace's killing on behalf of Death Row Records chief Marion 'Suge' Knight, and department heads covered it up. After the trial ended in a mistrial, US district judge FLORENCE-MARIE COOPER ruled detective STEPHEN KATZ had intentionally withheld evidence linking former Los Angeles Police Officers MACk and RAFAEL PEREZ to the killing. Cooper ordered the city to pay the Wallace family's legal costs, which was finally approved on Wednesday (29MAR06). A re-trial is expected later this year (06).