Relatives of late hip-hop star Notorious BIG gathered in Los Angeles today (21JUN05), as jury selection for the civil lawsuit brought against the city of Los Angeles began.

The suit alleges Death Row Records boss Marion 'Suge' Knight ordered the 1997 murder of BIG, real name CHRISTOPHER WALLACE, and that former various LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT (LAPD) officers helped cover up the murder and stifle an investigation.

Knight has repeatedly denied involvement as has the LAPD. And several days ago, DAVID MACK and AMIR MUHAMMAD, two of the men accused of actually committing the murder in various theories, were dismissed from the complicated civil suit.

There are also allegations that the LAPD had knowledge officers were working for known gang members while they provided security for both Death Row Records and SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' BAD BOY RECORDS, reports ALLHIPHOP.COM.

The lawsuit, which is based mostly on circumstantial evidence, also states the LAPD helped cover up DAVID MACKIE's involvement in the shooting of the HYPNOTIZE rapper.

Just days ago, former FBI informant KEVIN HACKIE - a major witness in the case - revealed he suffers from amnesia and that he might not be able to recall anything on the stand.

21/06/2005 21:36