LATEST: Notorious BIG's widow Faith Evans has vowed she will still continue her legal battle to identify the R+B star's killer - but her $18 million (GBP9.9 million) settlement demand was rejected by Los Angeles city authorities yesterday (17AUG05).

The rapper's angry family made its monetary request after it emerged during a trial last month (JUL05) that a police detective had intentionally concealed documents.

Notorious BIG - real name CHRISTOPHER WALLACE - was shot dead in a car outside an awards ceremony in Los Angeles in 1997.

But Evan's warns she will never give up her fight to bring the rapper's killer to justice.

She says, "Financially, a lot of families would have given up by now, but we don't care how much it costs.

"It's about me as PJ's mother and Biggies's widow doing everything we can to honour his memory.

"We may never find out who killed Biggie, but we know a proper investigation wasn't carried out.

"It ain't over yet, that's for sure."