Cult indie rockers The New Pornographers have taken aim at Canadian politician Tim Hudak for using one of their songs on the campaign trail without their permission.
The leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative party has been using the band's Moves track at rallies - and singer A.C. Newman is far from happy.
In an angry tweet on Wednesday (07Sep11), the frontman raged, "Tim Hudak, who told you it was cool to use my song in your political campaign?"
He later joked, "Tim Hudak appears to be a fan of 'pornographers.' Is that the kind of man you want representing you and your children, Ontario?"
Newman added, "Putting politics aside, someone used 1 of our songs for their own public purposes and did not ask for our permission."
He's not the only rocker upset to hear his songs used at right-wing rallies - Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh and Don Henley have all taken issue at politicians using their tracks as anthems without permission.