LOIS + CLARK: The New Adventures Of Superman star Dean Cain insists Kate Bosworth's portrayal of Lois Lane in SUPERMAN RETURNS is disturbing, because she puts her child at risk. Caine, who played the Man Of Steel on TV between 1993 and 1997, has a six-year-old son of his own, and cannot understand how intrepid journalist Lane could put her offspring into danger because of her career. He tells USA Today, "TERI's (HATCHER) Lois had a hard exterior with a real soft interior. The whole thing with Lois having a child in the film was unsettling. "I have a child (CHRISTOPHER DEAN CAIN) and that changes things. "Lois Lane is always going to be an intrepid reporter, but I would never bring my child to a place where he could possibly get in danger - yet she does, which was kind of surprising."