The Neville Brothers will make their first concert return to New Orleans, Louisiana on Friday night (25Apr08) since Hurricane Katrina, but frontman Aaron Neville insists he'll never move back permanently.
The family group will perform at the New Orleans Jazz + Heritage Festival this weekend - but the singer insists he just can't bring himself to come home after the 2005 disaster that ravaged the city.
Neville moved to Houston, Texas, as the storm hit and only recently moved back to his native Louisiana - 40 miles (64.3 kilometres) north of New Orleans, where he's a favourite son.
And he insists he'll never actually return to live in the Crescent City.
Neville says, "The New Orleans I knew will never be back so I won't go back.
"There's a lot to be done, and the people are doing it themselves. They are not getting much help from the government... It's really the city that care forgot."