The National and The Breeders are teaming up to give their fellow Ohioans the chance to vote the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.
The two local groups will perform at a rally in support of Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden on 16 October (08) at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio - and they're making sure fans can vote by providing buses to local polling stations.
A statement from The National reads, "Ohio residents can vote early beginning on September 30th, so we've lined up charter buses to take registered Hamilton County voters to the polls on the night of the event.
"The National are incredibly excited and honoured to have the opportunity to support Barack Obama's inspiring candidacy for President.
"(George W) Bush and his cronies have wrecked this country at home and abroad. With an economy in freefall and a public education system that is collapsing, we are pouring billions of dollars every month into Iraq to fight an unwinnable war based on false pretenses.
"Millions of American citizens can't afford health insurance and unemployment is soaring across the country, yet the Republican Party continues to preserve unfair tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and promote a byzantine social agenda to kowtow to an out-of-touch right-wing voter base... We desperately need change and more intelligent, pro-social leadership in this country."