Rockers The National were left battered and bruised after injuring themselves in alcohol-fuelled pranks while filming the music video for their track Graceless.

The Anyone's Ghost hitmakers shot the daredevil promo for the song at the home of frontman Matt Berninger's parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the band's boozey antics left the property in need of extensive repair.

Berninger tells Rolling Stone, "(It) involved a great deal of binge drinking beer. We shot it (the video) at my mom and dad's house in Cincinnati and kind of destroyed the place and ourselves along the way.

"I had a serious face injury, (guitarist) Bryce (Dessner) had a back injury. (I hurt myself) riding a bike into a swimming pool and my face hit the water hard all three times. I had glasses on, I had bruises around my eyes where the glasses hit. It was the most brutal video we've ever done. It was really fun, but it cost us. No one died, though."

Bassist Scott Devendorf adds, "I gave myself a minor concussion, head injury on the slip and slide."