Arnold Schwarzenegger has narrowly escaped expulsion from The National Fitness Hall of Fame.

The 'Terminator' star - who recently confirmed he fathered a child with his family's housekeeper more than 13 years ago - was nearly expelled from the prestigious list due to the recent revelations, which were made public soon after he split from wife Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage.

Despite members of the Hall of Fame (HOF) - one of the bodybuilding community's ruling bodies - expressing their "disgust" and "hatred" over Arnold's actions, the organisation's founder and executive director John Figarelli has since declared the matter resolved, saying he is allowed to stay.

He said: "Mr. Schwarzenegger's personal life should be just that, personal. He's going to stay in, he is deserving."

The HOF recently asked their members whether they thought the former Governor of California should be expelled from the list.

The organisation then replied to members: "We here at The National Fitness Hall of Fame have received an overwhelming amount of feedback, from the public, expressing many emotions from disapproval and disgust to abhorrence and hatred. 

"Cries to remove Arnold from The National Fitness Hall of Fame are many and far reaching."

John also announced the induction criteria for HOF members will be reviewed during their 2011 Annual Board Meeting in June.