Not content with being among the current toast of the young UK music industry, Brits nominees LILY ALLEN and JAMES MORRISON are on a mission to conquer America  with both apparently tackling the US with ease.

Allen, the gobby chav-lookalike daughter of comedian KEITH ALLEN, who hides her privileged upbringing behind her London street image, has recently received glowing reviews for her performance in Los Angeles.

In a city where image is everything, the gold earring-festooned, designer frock-wearing Lily went down a treat at The Music Box, where her set covered such UK hits as SMILE and LDN, stretched out to around an hour.

And her US label has finally followed up the original EP with the best-selling UK-released album ALRIGHT, STILL, after leaving enough time for gossip, news and a general buzz to build up about the youngster over the internet.

But the sassy singer has been joined by another Brit Awards hopeful, the equally fresh-faced JAMES MORRISON. And the smooth tones and student-like image of Morrison have also been well received in the States, as the WONDERFUL WORLD singer bagged himself a top spot on one of America's biggest programmes, the Jay Leno SHOW.

08/02/2007 14:01:04