Not content with annoying much of The Music world, Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has confirmed he is to make his movie debut.

The outspoken singer has landed a part in upcoming British drama The Meat Trade, alongside Colin Firth and Robert Carlyle.

Talking to Billboard ahead of Razorlight's new US tour, he revealed some initial details about his movie debut.

"I play the boyfriend of the leading lady, who I'm not sure they've actually cast or not," the Golden Touch star said.

"We're filming around Christmas time, or just after. I expect it will be quite fun."

Borrell claims disputes over the importance of the US market - after the band's self-titled second album only reached 180 on the Billboard 200 - are one of the reasons the band are likely to leave Mercury Records for the production of their third album.

"Their attitude is, 'Well, it's done well everywhere else, forget about the States," Borrell says. "I've had to fight with them to even allow me to come out to America."

"We love coming over there and we love playing there," he continued.

"My feeling's always been that if people in America can get to hear the music of Razorlight, they'll fall in love with it - just like people have around the rest of the world."

01/11/2007 12:00:10