Review of Freedom Fighters Single by The Music

The Music

The Music - Freedom Fighters - (Virgin Records Ltd 13/09/04) - Single Review

The Music

Freedom Fighters

(Virgin Records Ltd 13/09/04)

Having giving the cyber friendly section of their fan base the impression that they are back and are as raw and ripping as ever with the recent download only single; ‘Welcome To The North’, the honest and enthralling Leeds boys fronted by the nimble gyrator himself Mr. Robert Harvey, now give their wider audience a taste of things to come. ‘Freedom Fighters’ is a pulsating and piercing number built around Led Zepellin spiked with the sharp bits of the Stone Roses and

The Music - Freedom Fighters - (Virgin Records Ltd 13/09/04) - Single Review

AC/DC instrumentals. Harvey’s bellowing sounds more crisp and compelling than ever, as he conveys the message that freedom should be available to everyone; “ooohhh bit of politics there”, as Ben Elton would say. This is simply a display of confidence and assuredness by The Music who are evidently buoyed by the success of 2002’s self titled debut album, but are in no way complacent because of it.

David Adair

The Music - Freedom Fighters - Second Opion

The Music - Freedon Fighter

With an entirely more American feel than their previous single, ‘Freedom fighter’ explores the retro facet of The Music’s personality.

Laden with that almost air guitar sound synonymous with 80s rockers like Def Leopard, this track is a definite dance floor strutter – I can see it now…unkempt mullets left, right and centre.

But those Yorkshire lads really have hit the nail on the head yet again and seem to be thriving under the wing of Virgin Records. A gritty and dirty but seriously sexy track, with a massive vocal and an even greater rhythm.

‘Freedom Fighter’ rocks my head off and future listeners really should bear this in mind when listening unaccompanied.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher