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The Music live @ Manchester Academy

Saturday 11th of January and Manchester is the host for tonights date from The Music's sell out tour. We approached the venue ' Manchester Academy. I could feel the excitement in the air. The band is in demand. The atmosphere out side was building up to boiling point. Something special was going to happen I was in no mood to be disappointed.

The crowd was going for it and the guys hadn't even started yet!

Robert Harvey's stage presence shines out as he swaggers calmly onto the stage and addresses the crowd.

He takes his microphone then opens his mouth to sing. Roberts voice floats across the audience and instantly ignites the show which burns bright until the very last note rings out.

Alone and turn out the light' had the crowd gripped whilst 'Take The Long Road And Walk It ' and ' Jag Tune' set them jumping. That's when the reality of the amazing possibilities that this band have truly hit me. Robert Harveys star quality and super human voice are backed by an extremely high caliber music machine.

By this point there was no return for the crowd and the band just let rip by giving 110% and it didn't calm down once through out the whole gig! I was battered and bruised from being at the very front squashed right up tight to the railings. The crowd was jumping; bouncing, chanting, dancing and a constant crowd surfing went on through out the whole of the gig. This certainly kept the security guys on there toes, but still the crowd were doing it all in the best possible nature. As the first riff of 'The People' blasts out, the room was sent into maximum overdrive by Harvey as he tears full storm into action

At the end of the night my body was shattered I could barely stand or walk as we left the Academy I was not alone every one who was leaving the venue looked wet and drained but god dam it we were all buzzing, The band left on a high and so did the crowd. The lads from Leeds are a must to see live it was a job (GIG ) well done

The Music are: Robert Harvey (vocals / guitar); Stuart Coleman (bass); Adam Nutter (guitar); Phil Jordan (drums).

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