Members of TV's monster family The Munsters have launched a lawsuit against UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and a gaming firm over Las Vegas, Nevada, slot machines they claim misrepresent them.

BUTCH PATRICK, the actor who played little wolfboy EDDIE MUNSTER, was angered when he saw slot machines featuring his image and video footage from the hit 1960s show.

He says, "I saw people playing these Munster machines, and when they would win a jackpot payoff, a clip of MUNSTER, GO HOME, the movie, would come on where we had just received a will that said we're wealthy and we're all jumping up and down saying, 'We're rich, we're rich.'"

Patrick has teamed up with former castmates Al Lewis and PAT PRIEST to seek damages from the brains behind the jackpot idea.

In the fraud lawsuit, the trio charge the powers that be failed to "notify and negotiate" with them, and "deceived and robbed" them of their "rights and revenues".

Universal bosses, who made Munster, Go Home, claim they don't need to get the permission of the show's stars to sell their images - or pay them.

Patrick is still determined to fight the bigwigs, claiming, "I am not entitled to anything on a re-run of a broadcast TV show, but this re-use of my image on a private, money-generating business endeavour - and they can't do that without compensating me.

"I believe there's a couple of million coming to me pretty soon."

13/08/2003 09:10