Rocker Kim Shattuck is preparing to release a new album by her band The Muffs after delaying the project so she could tour with the Pixies.

The bassist joined the Velouria hitmakers in July (13) to replace longtime member Kim Deal, but last month (Nov13) she was booted out of the group after less than six months.

Shattuck admits she was shocked by the sudden sacking, but she now has the chance to work on the delayed Muffs album and hit the road with her old band, and she is hoping her stint in The Pixies will have won over some new fans.

The musician tells NME magazine, "We made a record and we could've put it out earlier, but this whole Pixies thing came up. So now I can get onto it, do some shows, business as usual. I'm happy that people have heard of us now that hadn't heard of us before."