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The Morning After Girls,
Run For Our Lives,
Single Review

the morning after girls Run For Our Lives Single

A Jet styled intro lights the way for this sliding Sydney bass quintet who create a high pitched 70s base platform for the hazy and raw vocals of Martin B. Sleeman to stand proudly upon, flanked by the crystal backing of Aimee Nash. Taken from their forthcoming 'Shadows Evolve' album (released 26/06/06), this flitting A side captures the instrumental cohesion of this lock-tight outfit, who create mystery and power with their three pronged guitar onslaught.

The more strolling, atmospheric side to The Morning After Girls wakes up in the Sonic Youth grappling B-side, 'Strait Thru You' that is imbued with a psychedelic element to add an extra strand to their make up. A stirring acoustic version of 'Run For Our Lives' highlights the neat vocal embrace between Sleeman and Nash to show the number in a completely different, almost romantic light. A sliding harmonica element creates a dusty bed for the thoughtfulness to laze upon. This is a well-chosen and broad prelude to a debut album that promises to combine rhythm, release and broadness.

David Adair


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