The Monkees star Micky Dolenz felt "a little torn" when one of the band's songs made an appearance in hit TV show Breaking Bad as he didn't want the track to be linked to drug use.
The group's song Goin' Down features in the latest series of the popular drama, which stars Bryan Cranston as a school teacher who turns to producing methamphetamine after he is diagnosed with lung cancer.
Dolenz admits he wasn't happy when the song was played in a scene featuring drug use, but he can't help but love the show.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It's one of my favourite Monkees song. Great lyrics... A very smart call... (I felt) a little torn (about the song's use in the scene)... Goin' Down has nothing to do with drugs, obviously. And I certainly don't condone meth - that is nasty stuff that kills a lot of people and ruins a lot of lives... On the other hand, I like the TV show, it's very well-made... And no, I didn't make a penny."
The musician goes on to reveal he doesn't have any choice over where his songs are used, and didn't even know the band's 1966 hit I'm a Believer was going to be featured prominently in 2001 movie Shrek.
He adds, "The record company controls the licensing and mechanicals for all the material that you do. In movies and TV they don't even have to ask, unless you wrote the song. Like I had no idea I'm a Believer was going to be in Shrek."