The Monkees star Davy Jones' daughter has shed light on her father's final days, revealing the singer was suffering chest pains in the days leading up to his fatal heart attack - but he dismissed the discomfort as indigestion.
The 66 year old died at his Florida home on 29 February (12) as a result of an abnormal heart rhythm, caused by hardening or narrowing of the arteries.
The I'm a Believer hitmaker's sudden passing shocked many fans and family members, especially his daughter Talia, who claims her father had just received a good bill of health from medics.
She tells the National Enquirer, "My father just had all of these tests and everything came back great. He was told his heart was like a 25-year-old's. So when he continued to have pains in the chest area, he never thought it was anything but a bad case of heartburn. In fact, he needed more extensive testing to know what was going on."
And Talia admits mounting stress from his career may have been a contributing factor.
She adds, "Of course there was stress. What stressed him was just living the lifestyle he did - literally going from one country to the next, one state to the next. He was always trying to do so much and please everybody."