An aspiring British indie band has seen its first chart efforts disqualified after "over-enthusiastic" fans and friends bought the single in bulk over the Internet. The underhand tactics were spotted by the Official Charts Company, who grew suspicious when The Modern's single INDUSTRY shot to number 13 at the weekend (11-12MAR06). Investigations revealed only a handful of people were behind for the band's apparent popularity, downloading multiple copies of the song in a bid to raise the group's profile. A spokesman for The Modern said, "Due to over-enthusiastic members of the band's fans and family, an unacceptable number of records were ordered per person online. "Sadly, rather than these sales ending up supporting the band, this has resulted in The Modern's chart position of number 13 being deemed invalid according to The Official Charts Company's strict rules and regulations." The indie piece is urging fans to buy no more than two copies of their album, LIFE IN THE MODERN WORLD, on its release in May (06).