The Missing actress Evan Rachel Wood has hit out at stars like BRITNEY SPEARS and Christina Aguilera for their sexy image.

Wood, 16, is dismissive of celebrities who court publicity and use sex to further their careers.

The star of THIRTEEN says, "Don't get me started on the likes of BEN (AFFLECK) and J.LO and their horrible self-publicity or the awful BRITNEY SPEARS and CHRISTINA AGUILERA - they are gross.

"I feel bad for both of them because sex is selling their albums and they probably wouldn't be doing as well if they weren't half-naked all the time."

Wood believes Spears and Aguilera are sending the wrong message to impressionable teenage girls. She explains, "Girls have a lot of pressure.

"Magazine racks and music videos don't even show the girls' faces any more. It's just bodies or a bottom or a breast shot, so girls think that's what they have to do to get attention, get guys or be popular."

08/03/2004 09:57