The father of missing TV presenter Mark Speight has urged his son not to "give up" and get back in contact with his family.

Speight, 42, was last seen boarding a London Underground train on 7th April. Reports claim that he had been severely depressed since his fiancée, Natasha Collins, was found dead at the couple's north London flat in January.

A post-mortem found the 31-year-old had taken cocaine, sleeping pills and alcohol before her death.

Oliver Speight, the father of the children's TV presenter, released a statement yesterday calling for his son to get back in contact.

"Please don't give up on us because we are not giving up on you," the statement said.

"Mark, wherever you are or whatever you are doing to give yourself time to deal with your own personal grief, we totally understand but we need you to get in touch."

Speight had been living with Mc Collins' mother and was reported missing after failing to meet up with her in central London on April 7th.

The presenter was last seen on CCTV cameras at Queen's Park tube station boarding a train bound for the city centre.

Detective Inspector Declan Williams said the Metropolitan Police were currently following up a number of leads relating to the potential whereabouts of The Missing TV presenter.

"Since appeals have been issued, a number of people have been in contact with us," he said.

"In some cases we have received further information regarding additional sightings in Bournemouth, St Albans and London.

"I have to stress at this moment in time they are unconfirmed and that we are now in the process of following up each of these possible sightings."

13/04/2008 09:25:21