LATEST: Punk icons The Misfits and the VANDALS are teaming up to help save struggling New York music mecca CBGB as part of a month-long bid to keep the venue from closing.

Club owner Hilly Kristal's lease is almost up and he claims his landlord, the Bowery Residents Committee, is keen to force him out because they don't like the idea of a punk club in the area.

But he isn't going down without a fight, and hopes an upcoming month of classic shows at the venue which spawned Patti Smith, Talking Heads and Ramones among others will help him raise cash to pay a proposed rent increase and keep his legendary club open for business.

As well as the shows, which also feature performances from LIVING COLOR, DEAD BOYS, GORILLA BISCUITS and Chevelle, Kristal is staging a memorabilia auction after acts like Sting and ELVIS COSTELLO sent him items to help him raise cash.

Kristal had hoped to prompt Talking Heads to reunite for a charity show as part of the festival, which started last night (27JUL05), but instead has secured the help of former frontman David Byrne, who has offered to meet with Bowery Residents Committee bosses to discuss the club's future.

28/07/2005 09:27