The Men Announce New Album 'New Moon' Out March 5th 2013

The Men Announce New Album 'New Moon' Out March 5th 2013

With their fourth full-length album to be released in as many years, The Men proudly present the sweeping New Moon, the most intensely personal and immersive installment yet. New Moon is the follow up to their well-received 2012 release, Open Your Heart. The record's first single, "Electric", will be released on 7-inch vinyl on January 22. 

The Men quit the city in early 2012 to head for Big Indian, NY - transforming a remote Catskills locale into a full-fledged stray dog studio home. Taking complete advantage of dry eyes and clear mountain mornings, the band thoroughly surrendered their writing process and themselves to the recording environment. 

Entering with only the most skeletal sketches, the house was selected as an incubator for its technical limitations, 32-hour orbit and predisposal to celestial intervention. Familiar faces remain, the core of guitarists Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro, with drummer Rich Samis all returning from 2012's much-acclaimed Open Your Heart. Friend and producer Ben Greenberg (Pygmy Shrews, Hubble, Zs) officially joins the ranks as bassist on paper, and full-bore compositional partner in practice. In tandem, wayward brother Kevin Faulkner occupies his most substantial sphere to date, dreaming aloud on lap steel. 

The Men's oft-cited commitment to their "no-one-is-frontman" maxim surely insists itself all the more emphatically here. -- so much so that it practically creates a new band in the process. This smiling observance induces a fresh fluidity amongst their roles and instrumentation, incorporating at various junctures piano, mandolin, harmonica, four-part vocal harmonies and even no-input harsh noise. New Moon is simultaneously an expansion of palette and a contraction of focus. It is a love letter devoted in bowed humility to the grand continuum, exposing the hoax of the great divide. Allegiances to the glowing patinas of Detroit and San Francisco, New York and Nashville all abound, but 'nostalgia' is not her name. The band's clear ethos is to revisit but never retread. 


01. Open The Door 

02. Half Angel Half Light 

03. Without A Face 

04. The Seeds 

05. I Saw Her Face 

06. High and Lonesome 

07. The Brass 

08. Electric 

09. I See No One 

10. Bird Song 

11. Freaky 

12. Supermoon 


Mar 07 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom 

Mar 09 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour 

Mar 14 Paris, FR - Point FMR 

Mar 15 Kortrijk, BE - De Kreun 

Mar 16 Bruxelles, BE - Magasin 4 

Mar 17 Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso 

Mar 18 London, UK - Rough Trade 

Mar 19 London, UK - Garage 

Mar 20 Nijmigen, NL - Merlyn 

Mar 21 Copenhagen, DK - Stengade 

Mar 22 Berlin, DE - Festaal 

Mar 23 Prague, CZ - 007 Club 

Mar 24 Vienna, AT - Arena 

Mar 25 Budapest, HU - Gozsdu Mano Klub 

Mar 26 Ljubljana, SL - Menza 

Mar 27 Zagreb, CR - Club Mocvara 

Mar 28 Belgrade, SE - Grad Beograd 

Mar 29 Skopje, MA - Menza Pro Koritu 

Mar 30 Tessaloniki, GR - 8 Ball Club 

Mar 31 Athens, GR - AN Club 

May 31 Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas 

Jun 01 Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas