Country-tinged stars The Mavericks have regrouped to release a eponymous new album, following a three year break when the band's future hung in the balance.

Despite massive worldwide hits including DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY, the group splintered when touring became "a grind" - but The Mavericks have now reinvented themselves with frontman Raul Malo, bassist ROBERT REYNOLDS and drummer PAUL DEAKIN being joined by new guitarist EDDIE PEREZ.

Malo explains that the group floundered when hard work took its toll and he felt like he was "cheating our fans - my heart and soul were not in it".

However, he now says, "Everybody is in a much better head space. When you're 24, you think you know everything. We were just idiots to some degree.

"We're still idiots, I don't want to discount that, but we're probably a bit wiser for the wear."

09/09/2003 17:26