Mark Cuban, the co-owner of the Landmark Theatres chain, testified before an FCC panel on Tuesday that he foresees the day when live sports events will be presented in movie theaters in digital 3-D. Appearing at a hearing on "Broadband and the Digital Future" at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Cuban said that he presented a live 3-D broadcast of a Dallas Mavericks basketball game at a local Landmark theater in Dallas this past season. "It was a huge success. Fans loved it, 3-D glasses and all, and have asked for more," he told the panel. (Cuban is the owner of The Mavericks.) He remarked that what is holding back similar live telecasts is the virtual nonexistence of any production trucks dedicated to 3-D live programming. "So we are looking at building one," he said. He suggested that the technology could also be used for concerts and theatrical works.