LATEST: The Matrix creator Larry Wachowski's wife has frozen his assets in the light of his reported affair with a bondage queen.

Larry, 37, reportedly left wife of nine years THEA BLOOM last year (02) for S+M dominatrix KARIN WINSLOW, who stars in porn films under the name ILSA STRIX.

Now furious Thea has gained a Los Angeles court order against her estranged husband and her solicitors are expected to demand millions of dollars in a divorce settlement.

According to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, a source says, "Larry's wealth will be flayed. It will be painful for him - but he might enjoy it!"

Although the couple have only been wed for nine years, Thea will argue that she and Larry, who directed the Matrix trilogy with brother ANDY, have lived together as man and wife since 1984.

And court papers state, "He is hiding information from me regarding our financial affairs."

Karin's estranged husband Jake Miller claimed last week (18MAY03), "When Larry walked down the red carpet with my wife, he was probably wearing a bra and panties under his suit."

26/05/2003 13:11