Upset fans of The Matrix were left booing the finale of a screening of DREAMCATCHER in Hollywood last night (20MAR03) when a projectionist misplaced a copy of animated short THE FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS.

Fans queued up outside the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA theatre and then sat through alien thriller Dreamcatcher just to see the nine minute cartoon from the makers of The Matrix, which was due to be debuted after the film.

But when the house lights went up and a red-faced theatre staffer explained there was no extra feature, audience members booed.

One guest said, "I've given up a Thursday night just to see this Matrix special. I can't help thinking it was just a ruse to get us in here and watch Dreamcatcher. Thank God it wasn't a bad film."

The Final Flight of The Osiris will be shown across America before Dreamcatcher, which opens today (21MAR03).