Review of Precious Time Single by The Maccabees

The Maccabees
Precious Time
Single Review

The Maccabees Precious Time Single

Thus far, the rising and flamboyant mod/indie fledgling foursome of The Maccabees, have been content to bask on a branch, outside of the tangled web of publicity and self-promotion. That is currently surrounding the livelier end of this beloved genre. Instead, they concentrated on relentless touring and giving attention to creating swaggering, drawn out, melody whirls. 'Precious Time' draws out a similar dawdling, but punchy post-mod kick that The Rakes used as springboard to recognition in their debut album. Catchy jangles and Orlando Weeks', provocative and drawn out cries from the heart, mingles feeling and inner strength to produce a catchy, lingering swagger of a song.

Rating 8/10

David Adair

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