The Lord Of The Rings star Billy Boyd has been forced to change his new rock band's name after discovering two other groups were already using the ANGEL'S SHARE moniker. The 38-year-old Scottish actor originally named his band last June (06), but found both an American and a British outfit had already laid claim to the title. Boyd has now rebranded the four-piece BEECAKE. He says, "The Angel's Share is now Beecake - less letters, the same characters." Speaking last year (06), drummer John Crawford explained it took the band a long time to come up with their original name: "We were battering names about for the last six months before we got the right one. We decided to call ourselves Angel's Share because Billy and RICKY (MARTIN, the band's bassist) both love their whisky and Angel's Share is whisky that evaporates when it's in the barrel."