The Libertines will release a new album next year.

The 'I Get Along' rockers insist there must be more to their reunion than performing gigs as they worry that will result in arguments, but need to find the time to write new music.

Carl Barat told NME magazine: ''Next year. It has to be. I don't wanna just go on the road because then you'll get cabin fever and have an epic fallout.

''So yeah, I want to keep something fresh coming in. We just need to find the time [to write and record]. But yeah, it's always been the plan.''

Co-frontman Pete Doherty hopes he and Carl can retreat to Europe in a similar manner to how they worked on ideas for their second self-titled album in 2004.

He said: ''For some reason in my head, I'm thinking October, November time. That's what will have to happen.

''Basically it'll have to be like Paris, but in Hamburg and for a bit longer. I'm well up for it.''

The band briefly reunited in 2010 for a handful of shows, but Carl felt there was more ''pressure'' and too many people around that time to really feel settled.

He said: ''The thing with 2010 was that we had a f***ing film crew there - everything had to be done for a purpose.

''When it was the two of us [Pete and I] in Barcelona, we could literally walk and talk, take in the sights and be calm.

''And suddenly we remembered where it all came from and what it was about. We tapped back into the same place.

''We didn't to that so much last time. There was more pressure, people playing up to the cameras, but this time it was really important. I wanted to make an effort to go and see Peter.''