Former Libertines manager Alan Mcgee wants estranged rockers Pete Doherty and Carl Barat to heal their rift and reform the group so they can sell millions of records.

The mogul, who managed the CAN'T STAND ME NOW group for two years, believes volatile Doherty and Barat are close to collaborating together again - a move which he hopes will lead to chart-topping sales around the world.

McGee, best known for discovering Oasis, says, "If we can reform The Libertines, if we can get Peter back with Carl and everybody can be in the same space firing off the same shotgun, we'll sell three million records.

"But I think they want to work with each other again so it's just about getting them in sync, getting Peter to accept Carl and Carl to accept Peter and have them vaguely on the same playing field."

As for the band's break-up last year (04) following Doherty's spiralling drug addiction, McGee comments, "It was disappointing but we still managed to sell a million records without a band which is pretty good.

"The band really broke up last June or July, totally imploded. Carl fronted it out for us around America and the rest of the world.

"We were number one in Mexico - it was Carl mania. I felt like his dad running around after him and beating young girls off him."

01/05/2005 14:43