The Libertines will record an album next year.

Co-frontman Pete Doherty says he and former bandmate Carl Barat have put their differences behind them and following months of speculation, confirmed they plan to record together again.

Hesaid: "I think we're gonna make a record and tour. Get The Libertines to take it to the next step, the next stage. Next year."

Pete was thrown out on the band in 2004 over his drug use and says his "heart caved in" the first time the group recorded without him.

He added: "My heart caved in. I was destroyed. Not by the fall-out, but by seeing him on 'Top Of The Pops' doing 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' without me.

"The very idea of them doing a gig without me was just...

"Whatever happened, whatever he did, I would never ever do anything without him and call myself The Libertines."

Pete and Carl performed together in London earlier this year and the Babyshambles star said he felt comfortable as soon as they stepped back out on stage together.

He explained: "You say easy, it was f**king breakneck speed. I'd forgotten how fast we used to play. The place kicked off."