The Libertines will only headline festivals if they have new material.

The group reformed earlier this year for a string of gigs and though they have been touted for many events next summer, co-frontman Carl Barat insists they don't want to be a ''heritage'' act.

He said: ''If we get new material, to not play next year would be a bit of a shame.

''We're not just gonna do the heritage run for any longer. We're having a f***ing great time and the audiences have been great - it's really inspired us and gee'd us on to do more.''

The group are still in discussions with record labels to release their third album and Carl insists they want to work with someone important to them.

He said: ''I want to go to a record label that have got some kind of connection with us from the past, and some kind of heritage generally, and who care about the music and care about what we're doing.

''That's my poncy artist objective, but they probably won't take that into consideration will they?''

However, the rocker admitted he is unsure if they will even get as far as releasing the record.

He added to NME magazine: ''But I'm not thinning that far ahead, we could have a row on day two of writing and that'd be that.''