Former Libertines frontman Pete Doherty has pleaded guilty to breaking into the home of bandmate CARL BARAT - and could face a jail sentence.

The troubled TIME FOR HEROES singer admitted burgling Barat's basement flat in central London on 25 July (03), while the rest of the band were on tour in Japan.

He had not played with the British band since June (03) after failing to turn up for European tour dates.

Doherty has also battled drug problems and is seeking rehabilitation.

HORSEFERRY ROAD MAGISTRATE's court in London heard that Doherty allegedly stole items including an antique guitar, video recorder, laptop computer, CD player, an NME award and $320 (GBP200) cash.

When entering his plea, Doherty, 24, said, "I plead guilty apart from the NME Award and cash, which I know nothing about."

He was granted bail and the case was adjourned until 8 September (03).

12/08/2003 01:38