British rockers The Libertines caused the partial destruction of a venue, a roadblock and a riot which had to be broken up by police during an impromptu show last night (21APR04).

Singer-songwriters Pete Doherty and Carl Barat joined a host of hand picked bands to launch the debut single of Doherty's side-project Babyshambles at Stoke-On-Trent's THE UNDERGROUND venue.

But the night turned into mayhem around midnight when, led by Doherty, fans pulled drapes from the ceiling on top of them, then caused part of a wall to collapse as they banged on it, chanting for Babyshambles to continue playing.

Then, with crowds locked out outside trying to kick down fire doors, Barat instructed the crowd to meet him in the car park.

Barat and Doherty then played a series of songs in succession outside, with the crowds causing a roadblock - with police eventually arriving to bring the night to a peaceful conclusion.

Matt Bates, the club's promoter, remained philosophical, saying the night, "ended in can what only be described as rock and roll manner!"

22/04/2004 17:03