Defunct British band The Libertines have not split but are on "hiatus", according to frontman Carl Barat.

The singer and guitarist is convinced that there is hope for a reunion between himself and Pete Doherty, who has since formed the band Babyshambles, once their past issues have been forgotten .

Barat, who originally threatened to leave the band if Doherty did not seek help for his drug problems, says, "There's so much that needs sorting and things get in the way. Dust settles and as long as it's left alone then anything's possible.

"(Seeing Pete earlier this year) was reassuring. We're not ready to work together again right now, and I don't know what Pete would say.

"But there's someone in there I love very much as a friend and will do until my dying day. I'd quite like to think that it's reciprocated."