LATEST: Troubled band The Libertines are amazed they completed their new album despite the absence of frontman Pete Doherty, who has been battling with drug addiction.

Doherty recently escaped from a rehabilitation centre in Thailand and was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon last Thursday (16JUN04) but bandmates Carl Barat, JOHN HAMALL and Gary Powell insist their forthcoming album is their best yet and that Doherty is welcome to work on their next album "as soon as he sorts himself out".

Singer Barat says, "We've made the album! I don't know how we made it! We did like three months in the studio and we managed to knock together an album in utter adversity, and it's a good 'un!"

"It's so sort of frank. We didn't bother f***ing about. We just said it how it is. All our vexations. There's a lot of pain in it and a lot of hope in it. I don't know - I sound like a c**t but you've got to hear it anyway!"

"Pete's always welcome. Obviously his health is above all our primary concern. As soon as he sorts himself out he's more than welcome to join us."

The album - called THE LIBERTINES - will be released this summer (30AUG04) via ROUGH TRADE RECORDS.

24/06/2004 13:48