Former Libertines guitarist Pete Doherty had his plans for a dramatic stage reunion at England's Reading Festival brought to a halt - when he was refused entry backstage.

The rocker - who was chucked out of the band because of his addictions to crack and heroin - was planning to meet frontman Carl Barat before their performance so he could jump back onstage with his former bandmates.

However, the 25-year-old had his glorious comeback hopes dashed when he discovered he was banned from the backstage area following orders from the group's management.

An insider says, "Pete knows that if Carl sees him in the flesh when he's not off his face he'll be back onstage with them where he should be.

"There's a strong bond between then, despite what's happened.

"But Libertines bosses will do anything they can to stop that from happening.

"That's why they told the festival organisers that Pete can only mix with the ordinary punters in the mud."

29/08/2004 14:52