The Libertines frontman Carl Barat understands why former bandmate PETE DOHERTY snubbed a potential reunion at last night's (18FEB05) NME AWARDS in London - he is overcoming his demons.

Doherty was dumped from The Libertines last year (MAY04) because of his destructive drug habits - but Barat is hoping his old friend will beat his addictions after a stay in rehab following a spell in a London jail earlier this month (FEB05).

The CAN'T STAND ME NOW singer says, "I was hoping to see him tonight - I've spent three days in a sort of cold turkey state myself, expecting to have this reunion.

"It would have meant so much to me, it would have meant more than the world. Of course, this would have been the wrong time and the wrong place, but it just seemed inevitable that we would be forced together.

"I will say that the fact that Pete isn't here, is for such very, very fine reasons, because he's getting better and he's not yet well enough to be here. My heart goes out to him, and I defy anyone that thinks or says otherwise."

18/02/2005 17:51