Former The Libertines rocker Pete Doherty once gave Dior designer HEDI SLIMANE a taste of the dark underbelly of London life and had to rescue him from a knife fight.

Slimane has become a big fan of Doherty's quirky style and regularly photographs the singer and kits him out in designer outfits.

But when he asked for a glimpse into Doherty's life away from showbusiness, the designer had no idea he'd be putting his own life at risk.

Doherty, who now fronts Babyshambles, tells Vanity Fair magazine he took Slimane to his favourite hangouts in London's rough Whitechapel area, including one pub where his pal had been shot in the groin the evening before.

He recalls, "I took him to a few places he didn't feel comfortable with.

"We got pulled over by the police, then the little Asian ninjas started on us. He (Slimane) had to get escorted back to his car by my mates."

10/06/2005 09:14