Former The Libertines hellraiser Pete Doherty has confirmed he has had a naltrexone implant inserted in his abdomen in a bid to kick his heroin habit.

Reports suggest the rocker's girlfriend Kate Moss persuaded him to have the implant, which dulls the effects of opiates, fitted, and he tells America's Vanity Fair he hopes it works so he can be a more responsible father.

He reveals, "It was get an implant or die, really, the way things were. I was fixing up, shooting white, shooting brown, and then entering a relationship.

"(Kate) saved my life, and, really, I had to choose. She's got a young kid, I have a young kid, and there's no way it could happen.

"Drugs are a very selfish thing. It goes against a lot of the central tenets of the things I have always claimed to believe in - the Arcadian dream of the freedom of the senses, not oppressing anyone, and not being oppressed."

10/06/2005 03:08